The ALIBI - Portland's Premier Tiki Bar


The original home of The ALIBI was a nice stop for horses and buggies as they traveled up and down the dirt trail known as the Inter-state in the late 1800's. "Chat-n-nibble", as it was known to travelers then served up some of the finest grub a fellow could find at a breakfast and lunch counter. A small beginning!

The next business to call the spot home was a tiny tavern run by Mr. Peterson, "Max Alibi" was a popular place to stop, and saw much success under his ownership. Peterson gave the business a name that would last far
into the 1990's.

The third owner Roy Ell saw a jewel of a restaurant in this little stop. He leased the building in 1947 and renamed the place "The ALIBI." Roy spent some time traveling to Hawaii and felt his friends and neighbors deserved to experience the beauty and style he found on the islands. Polynesian decor was his goal to enhance his restaurant, even though it was hard to find suppliers.

The 50's found "The ALIBI" expanding to a full restaurant and lounge. The building engulfed a home which sat behind the restaurant, and The ALIBI was proving itself popular. The famed food and delightful exotic surroundings kept bringing folks back for a piece of paradise right in their own community.

In the 70's, Roy added a magnificent 3-dimensional mural and hand carved rails in The ALIBI. By the 80's, The ALIBI was a grand replica of the South Pacific, even businesses from oversees came to copy the decor. Roy took his next step, purchased the property from Mr. Peterson and engulfed the Texaco station next door for parking.

In the 80's, The ALIBI was leased once again with the agreement that the decor would not be altered. In 1992, the current owner, Larry White, took over and has agreed to keep the style and flourish what has been so magnificent for some 50 years.

As you sit in The ALIBI Lounge, Restaurant or one of the many nooks and shelters, under shell lamp shades in bamboo cane chairs, you can almost feel the cool summer breeze blow across the beach. Sipping tantalizing tropical drinks, letting the atmosphere sink in, nibbling on seafood appetizers and entrees, it's so easy to relax and enjoy a mini vacation in the midst of your day. The atmosphere is exotic, the service supreme, the drinks tantalizing, the food is Polynesian plus more, and it's oh so easy to stay... or at least come back another day!